K.Michelle and Joseline shade Mimi Faust for sex tape

    K.Michelle jokes about Mimi’s sex tape

    Meanwhile, Mimi’s former “LHHA” colleague K.Michelle cracked a few jokes of her own. Although they used to be cool, season 2 of the show saw their friendship fall apart. At the center of their burned bridge was the fact that K.Michelle openly questioned Nikko’s sexuality and why he lives with a roommate despite Atlanta’s extremely affordable housing. When she heard about the sex tape, K.Michelle asked Mimi one simple question directly on Twitter.

    K.Michelle delivered some more shade as she let everyone know her thoughts in a video on Instagram. She captioned the post, “I’ll never wish bad on another woman, but the way those bitches in Atlanta treated me bad! I’m not perfect and I have my own skeletons, but a deserve this good laugh.”

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