Wendy Williams gives NeNe Leakes advice, talks Mimi Faust sex tape

    Wendy Williams

    Wendy Williams had a few words of wisdom for NeNe Leakes before she commented on Mimi Faust’s sex tape.

    The chat diva couldn’t wait to dish about NeNe’s tearful, sullen display on Monday night’s episode of “Dancing with the Stars.” Instead of getting catty about NeNe’s breakdown, Wendy shared that she could actually identify with the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star.

    “I am Team Nene on this ‘Dancing with the Stars’ drama,” Wendy announced on her show Tuesday. “They script what they want you to say. I know this as a participant.”

    Wendy revealed that producers had a clear idea of how they wanted to portray Wendy during her run on season 12. They even tried to write her into a role on the reality dancing competition, but she insisted on being true to herself.

    Not going along with the program could have cost her a few more weeks on the show. Although, Wendy had no illusions that she was going to win, she said, “If I gave a little more sassafrass then I discovered I would have stayed because that’s how they were writing my script–to be the angry Black woman.”

    Since Wendy didn’t want to see NeNe get dragged down by the producers plotline, the Goddess of Gab told the “RHOA” star to keep being herself no matter how she was being scripted. “NeNe, don’t let them pull you out of your character. I know you do ‘mm-hmm’ and ‘alright,'” Wendy advised. “Don’t let them pull you out of who you are.”

    Wendy did applaud NeNe for standing up for herself during a particularly tough rehearsal and storming out. It’s a move that Wendy thinks can only help her chances on “DWTS.” She stated, “That little dramatic thing NeNe with taking off the microphone, that will keep you there for another two days. They like that ‘mm-hmm’!”

    Having given NeNe a little encouragement, Wendy gave “DWTS” a bit more side eye for putting NeNe in one of her hand-me-downs from the show!

    “This is the same dress that I wore for my publicity shot for ‘Dancing with the Stars’!” Wendy said with a laugh, pointing out that NeNe wore the exact same outfit in her own promo shot. “I understand you [‘DWTS’] recycle dresses, but the least you could have done is maybe recycle my dress on somebody not dancing with Tony.”

    Wendy also couldn’t resist sharing her thoughts on Mimi’s upcoming sex tape, which she suspects may have been professional production! Flip ahead to see what she said.

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