Who does Apollo Nida blame for the Pillow Talk fight?

    Jamie: What about Brandon DeShazer? Why were you so upset with him?
    Apollo: So that day, I was really feeling good. I didn’t have a problem with Brandon, whatever. When all that stuff happened in the room, I put my shoes on. And what you didn’t see—because it was edited very well, Peter [Thomas] pushed him down. He fell on the beanbag. He jumps up off the beanbag, and the man had rage in his eyes.

    Jamie: Brandon did?
    Apollo: Oh, yeah. Because at this point, he’s really feeling threatened because Peter had to use force to push this man down. So he gets up running. I jump in the middle of Peter and Brandon. I’m like, “Yo, stop, stop, stop.” Probably not that calm, but I’m using force. And I’m not a weak guy. And I’m looking at Peter from the peripheral and trying to see exactly what’s going on here. And I couldn’t hold him. So at this point I grabbed him by his throat. That might’ve been the wrong thing to do, but I couldn’t hold his body. Then he hit me in my eye.

    Jamie: He hit you in your eye?
    Apollo: Yeah, no one saw that part. So he swung and I’d seen it coming. I kind of moved back, and it still caught me. At that point, I lost it because I’m the type of person, you don’t put your hands on me, period. So whatever happened, I’m not proud of it because it was definitely bad and it took me somewhere that I haven’t been in a long time.

    Jamie: Who do you blame for how the hotel thing started?
    Apollo: Nobody. It happened. I apologized but not to the network. They made millions off of it. I apologized to Brandon. I talked to Brandon for, like, an hour.

    Jamie: How did he receive it?
    Apollo: He seemed cool. I really sincerely apologized to him.

    Check out Apollo’s full Q&A with Jamie in the May 2014 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

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