Mariah Huq tells her side of the Quad Webb beef

    Mariah Huq
    “Married to Medicine” fans were surprised to learn about the rift between former BFFs Quad Web and Mariah Huq, and Mariah is a little bit caught off guard, too.

    “I’m learning as you guys learn. I didn’t know things were as bad as they are,” Mariah recently told

    Quad told Sister 2 Sister that after watching season 1, she was offended by Mariah’s on-air comments, feeling that her friend spoke condescendingly about her. Mariah said Quad shared how she felt, but Mariah didn’t realize it was the end of their relationship.

    “I think Quad felt a certain way about first season. She did express that to me. She felt like they made her look like my do-girl or my puppet, and she felt like she was a little bit subservient and she didn’t like that,” Mariah explained. “Instead of realizing that I didn’t control that, I feel as though she took it out on me.”

    Mariah said she’s tried to contact Quad since season 2 of the Bravo reality show premiered, but those attempts haven’t brought about a resolution.

    “I’ve reached out to her via text a few times,” said Mariah who thought they’d mended their friendship at one point. “We sat down; we talked for 6 hours; we cried; we hugged; we walked away…The next thing I know is that she was on TV doing all this. So, she told me what her issues were; I told her what my issues were. We said we would not take our issues to TV and the next thing I know, she was on TV dealing with it.”

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