Lil Mo slams husband on new song ‘Loyal’

    Lil Mo

    Lil Mo has blasted her estranged husband Phillip Bryant in a scathing new remix of Chris Brown’s “Loyal”

    The “R&B Divas: LA” star may not have named her soon-to-be ex in the lead track from her mixtape No Sh*t Sherlock, but it’s pretty obvious she’s talking about him. As their divorce proceedings loom, the singer let out some of her frustration in the studio, lamenting to fans that he said some very unkind things to her as their marriage crumbled.

    If you ask Lil Mo, the mean words may have been the result of a bruised ego because she swiftly moved on with Philadelphia boxer Dynamite. She gave Phillip plenty more to be mad about as she brags about her newfound love with the young hard body on the song.

    “He said I ain’t livin’ right/Call Iyanla to fix my life,” Lil Mo raps in the opening lines of her “Loyal” remix. “Don’t be mad cuz a young boy cuffed your wife/It only took one try and I ain’t think twice.”

    But she didn’t stop there. Mo continued to drag Phillip by telling him she looks forward to seeing him in court and then promptly cussing him out. The singer also suggests that he may have cheated on her.

    “Look back and now you look dumb. Won’t you go tweet that, since you thumb thug. See that a*s in court, yeah, my second divorce.  N*gga f*ck your life,” Lil Mo sang before suggesting that Phillip may be upset that she’s in a new relationship. “When a real n*gga love/a b*tch n*gga gonna be mad about/You shoulda been loyal.”

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