Porsha threatens, challenges Kenya about African beau on ‘RHOA’ reunion

    RHOAreunion6_PorshaCynthiaKenya2Porsha Williams threatened Kenya Moore after challenging her about the existence of her African boyfriend during the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 6 reunion.

    Host Andy Cohen asked Kenya about the mysterious beau who few have seen and whose identity she insists on keeping a secret.

    “My entire life I’ve dated. I’ve had boyfriends three or four years—actually some famous people. You’ve never seen a picture of me with anyone on the red carpet, Twitter, Facebook whatever the case. I have lived my life under the radar with my love life. I don’t have a need to prove anything to anyone,” she told Andy.

    According to Kenya, she’s still dating the man who some of her co-stars have allegedly met, even though he’s never been to Atlanta and they do not see each other often.

    A clearly perturbed Porsha, itching to have her say on the matter, accused Kenya of trying to pay a man to take on the role of her prince.

    “You’ve stated everything about the guy, except for showing him. It’s just very clear that there is no African prince for you. There never was. You never met the guy. You never talked to the guy. You just recently tried to pay somebody to be on the show,” said Porsha. “I actually know one of the people who she approached.”

    After her accusations, Kenya attempted to silence Porsha with a wave of her wand, but instead the “Flatline” singer snatched it from the former Miss USA and tossed it off of the set.

    “If that touches me, it’s going up you’re a$$, b!tc#,” Porsha said.

    While Andy has stated that the violence seemed to come out of nowhere from his vantage point, most of the “RHOA” cast members have stated that Porsha was provoked.

    What do you think? Watch.

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