Marlo Hampton appalled by NeNe Leakes’ ‘childish actions’

    Marlo_NeNeAfter watching NeNe Leakes on “Watch What Happens Live” earlier this week, Marlo Hampton felt the need to respond to NeNe’s colorful commentary about the demise of their friendship.

    “How elementary is that name calling?” Marlo asked in reaction to NeNe referring to her as “Man-ho.”

    “She’s a grown, happily married woman. I’m completely appalled by her childish actions. Man-ho? Really? That’s low,” said the woman who was by NeNe’s side as she remarried husband Gregg Leakes.

    On “Watch What Happens Live,” NeNe suggested that her issues with Marlo began during the taping of “I Dream of NeNe,” blaming Marlo for ushering in discord between the bridesmaids.

    “Marlo was one of my bridesmaids. I liked Marlo. When she was a part of my wedding, she made a big divide between my girlfriends who I have known for years,” said NeNe on “WWHL.”

    According to NeNe, after the wedding, she decided she needed a break from Marlo, but Marlo doesn’t think that’s the real reason and shared that she and NeNe were still spending time together after the nuptials.

    “Real Housewives of Atlanta” viewers may recall that NeNe even invited Marlo on a cast excursion to a winery during season 6. It’s there that Marlo started to forge a friendship with Kenya Moore, Marlo previously told Sister 2 Sister. She thinks that’s what the real problem is between her and NeNe.

    “When she heard that Kenya and I were at the Herve [Leger] fashion show in New York [last September], NeNe went crazy! She called me, yelling, ‘What are you with her for?! Get away from her. I don’t want you hanging with her,’” Marlo said.

    “She’s just upset that I filmed with Kenya Moore,” Marlo reiterated. “At one point, NeNe three-way called me with Cynthia Bailey. She was like, ‘I heard you’ve been taping with Kenya. I don’t like her, and I want to know whose team you’re on.’”

    “Well, I told her, ‘I’m on Team Marlo, and you can’t tell me whom I can and can’t tape with!’” said Marlo who doesn’t think NeNe’s in any position to criticize her appearance.

    “If she’s going to be dirty about my looks…She is still under construction,” Marlo said about NeNe who has been open about her plastic surgery. “That nose job still is not right. I’m not being mean. I’m just being honest.”

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