Steve Harvey has a message for Mimi Faust

    SteveHarveyLongFPSS.jpgSteve Harvey doesn’t support Mimi Faust’s decision to release a sex tape and cautions women to take more value in themselves.

    “Stop thinking about right now, whatever little momentary 5 minutes of fame and little piece of little change it’s going to put in your pocket,” Steve said recently on his morning radio show. “Whatever money they put in your pocket, it’s not going to be worth the hell that comes with it. It’s not going to be worth your reputation. It ain’t going to be worth your image. It ain’t gonna be worth nothing as it lives in cyberspace forever.”

    The Think Like a Man author is known for dishing out relationship advice to women and he spoke specifically to mothers.

    “You can’t have a child and make decisions based on just you and every mother understands that. There’s not a single mother out here that don’t understand the sacrifices that have to be made as a single mother and the things you got to give up of yourself to provide for your children. When you’re making these decisions out here, that you’re going to make a sex tape,” Steve advised.

    Mimi, who has a daughter by fellow “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Stevie J, reportedly stands to earn about $100K for the tape, soon to be distributed by Vivid Entertainment. She hasn’t had much to say about the video so far, but an Instagram image she recently posted read, “IF YOU DON’T PAY MY BILLS” and featured a woman with her finger over her lips in a “hush” pose.

    While many celebrities state that they don’t care what others think about the decisions they make, Steve suggested that should be a consideration.

    “Please, you women out there. Think of yourself and your brand and your image. Think of what people will say about you when you’re not around. Think about stuff people will say behind your back, what they’ll say in your face, what you’ll have to deal with the rest of your life,” said Steve who then took his message to the pulpit.

    Everything God made, He buried deep. He made it hard to get to. A pearl, you gotta dive to the bottom of the ocean. All his precious minerals are buried. Gold, you got to dig in the mine. Ain’t no diamonds laying on the top of the ground. They don’t grow like corn,” he explained. “This thing that y’all sitting on, this thing that every man got to have, that precious jewel is in the most hidden place on your body. Think about that.”

    Hear more of Steve’s words of wisdom below.

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