Brandi Maxiell proud of her restraint on ‘Basketball Wives: LA’

    Brandi_MaxiellBrandi Maxiell is proud of the restraint she showed on “Basketball Wives: LA.”

    “I’m a grown woman. I don’t like to resort to just fighting,” Brandi told Sister 2 Sister in February.

    Though she describes herself as a “very kind and caring southern belle,” Brandi said she was pushed to the limit during her first season on the hit VH1 reality show. She argued with Jackie Christie and nearly came to blows with fellow newbie Sundy Carter.

    “I had enough,” said Brandi who was offended when Sundy taunted her about her struggles to have another child since surviving ovarian cancer.

    “I CANNOT I REPEAT I CANNOT believe any woman could be so evil,” Brandi tweeted during the season finale episode Monday.

    Brandi was calmed by Malaysia Pargo who helped keep Brandi from confronting Sundy about the comments, which none of her co-stars thought appropriate.

    Even “Basketball Wives” creator Shaunie O’Neal thought Sundy’s comments crossed the line.

    “I do not condone the extremely mean behavior that took place on tonights episode,” Shaunie wrote via Twitter. “The complete disregard and disrespect show toward people suffering from cancer has made me sick to my stomach and I am extremely disappointed at what I have seen.”

    Though she doesn’t consider herself a fighter, Brandi said all bets are off when it comes to defending her family.

    “When you mess with my family or speak ill of my family, I will [become violent],” she said. “I will defend and I’m going to do whatever it takes.”

    Unlike real life, Brandi said she wasn’t able to avoid the ladies on the show who intentionally or unintentionally antagonized her.

    “In the real world, you just walk away,” she said. “When it comes to a show and you have to film with them and see them all the time… I’m proud of myself because I did really, really, really good. Knowing who I am, I did really good. That was a major test, and I passed.”

    Listen to Brandi below.

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