Mimi Faust: Joseline’s jealous of my sex tape


    Mimi Faust isn’t the least bit bothered by Joseline Hernandez poking fun at her sex tape because she thinks her “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” rival is jealous.

    Mimi may not regret that she and her boyfriend Nikko made a sex tape, but she’s not exactly proud of it either. “We didn’t intend for this to get out to the public–especially for it to be splashed all over the Internet. I’m horrified at all that,” Mimi told WorldStarHipHop.com on Monday.

    Since news of her steamy video got out, many of her critics have questioned her decision to release the leaked footage through Vivid Entertainment, arguing that she’s setting a bad example for her daughter Eva. However, Eva isn’t the only child she’s got to shield from the scandal. “I have young girls now–my nieces and my nephews–that are like, ‘Oh, my God! Auntie!'” she pointed out. “One day I will also have to explain this to my daughter of course. But, we’re two consenting adults and we didn’t do anything wrong.”

    The kids in her family are pretty shocked by the video, but Mimi’s babydaddy Stevie J nearly gets into a fight with Nikko in the supertrailer for “LHHATL” season 3. Mimi’s not terribly concerned with his feelings on the matter, though. “Stevie has moved on. I’ve moved on. His opinion about it doesn’t sway anything that I do,” she stated.

    Mimi cares even less about what Stevie’s wife Joseline thinks about the sex tape. Joseline couldn’t wait to shade Mimi about the video on Twitter and Instagram, but the professional organizer thinks Joseline’s reaction is rooted in envy.

    “She’s mad because there’s no shine on her,” Mimi speculated. “She also may be posting a picture of [herself] spreading her vagina to the world. She also has a video on World Star for free where she’s f*ngering herself and everything else. So she’s just a little upset that the shine isn’t on her.”

    Mimi continued, “She can take the Twitter from here to next year. I refuse to respond to Joseline because I think she’s a clown.”

    The Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta stars also explained the mechanics of their shower rod move. People on Instagram, including K.Michelle and Kandi Burruss, have been trying to duplicate it, but Mimi reminded her copy cats that they are missing one key component. “What y’all got understand it’s not just the rod, your partner has to be able to support your weight, ladies. Come on, I wasn’t just swinging from the rod by myself, he was holding me,” Mimi explained. “It wasn’t a Tarzan moment. It was a group effort.”

    “We really want to educate you guys on this shower rod because we don’t want you guys going out there and breaking your necks,” Nikko added before joking that he and Mimi might be coming out with a book on sexual positions next.

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