Amina Buddafly: Peter Gunz is becoming a better husband


    Sister 2 Sister has interviewed controversial people before, but maybe non as controversial as Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz. Peter’s story is that he had two children with his live-in girlfriend of 13 years, Tara Wallace, then met and fell for Amina who he then went off and married. Meanwhile, he was still living with Tara. Now, with a baby on the way, Amina and Peter are trying to put their rocky start behind them and create a healthy relationship for their baby. They discuss the show, their families, Tara, redemption and more in the May 2014 issue. Get an exclusive outtake below.

    Tracy: So how is Peter as a husband right now?
    Amina: Good. Getting better. [laughter] Sometimes he’s still just a little work, but I’m seeing some little things that make me hopeful and keep me wanting to be here.

    Tracy: So Peter, did you think that you could go through the whole season without this love triangle blowing up in your face?
    Peter: No. And that’s what kills me. You know Tara’s going to watch this. You know Amina’s going to watch this. I’d been doing the show. I knew it was going to all blow up.
    Part of me was relieved. Like, alright, it’s going to be out there. Once I signed on to do the show, I’m dealing with the bulls#!t with Amina that’s going on, I’m dealing with the s#!t that’s going on with Tara. And then I know it’s going up on VH1. That’s what kills me with people [who say] “Oh, he’s a sneak.” Oh, no, I’m doing this because I’m not [a sneak]. It’s coming out. I’m on TV and your husband ain’t. Your boyfriend ain’t. And your fiancé ain’t. The only difference between me and them is I’m on TV because last I looked at the statistics, 85 percent of men [cheat] and they’re not getting married with somebody else. So that kills me when people throw stones at me like that.

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