LaTavia Roberson opens up about substance abuse

    LaTavia_RobersonLaTavia Roberson’s claim to fame is her historic status as one of the original members of Destiny’s Child, but “R&B Divas: Atlanta” fans will get to know more about the singer when season 3 of the series premieres tonight.

    “People will see me just being me! I am sweet but I am also someone who’s capable of standing her ground. You’ll see,” LaTavia told TVOne.TV.

    Anyone entering the world of reality TV, especially when joining a cast of strong Black women, has to be able to hold her own, but LaTavia said it wasn’t a struggle fitting into the ladies’ inner circle.

    “Being with women who understand and have experience in the [music] business the way we do, was a real joy…I love all the ladies and I’m not just saying that,” said LaTavia who gets along best with fellow newcomer Meelah Williams. “KeKe [Wyatt] and I have grown throughout the process,” she added.

    LaTavia has been out of the spotlight for years following her departure from Destiny’s Child in 2000. In the season 3 premiere episode, she shares that she was in a dark place during some of that time.

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    “It’s been a very, very, very long time since I’ve been anywhere in public. I’ve been so fearful,” she said. “I started using substance abuse. Every time it would come time for me to do something that could even possibly get me back on top, I’d sabotage myself.”

    Despite the setbacks, LaTavia, a new mom, said she’s ready to open up and share her life with fans now.

    “I feel like this opportunity was a Godsend especially at this time. I could not have asked for God to do something better for me and ‘R&B Divas’ just landed in my lap,” she shared.

    Few could blame LaTavia for having some doubts about allowing reality TV cameras to chronicle her life. For many, the experience has been unpleasant and regretful, but LaTavia said she’s on a mission.

    “The things God has allowed me to go through weren’t about me or for me to just keep to myself. I’m supposed to share it. I have a platform and have gone through these experiences because someone, somewhere needs to hear it,” said LaTavia who doesn’t plan to hold anything back. “I don’t have a problem being transparent and sharing the good, the bad and the ugly.”

    Get more from LaTavia at TVOne.TV.

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