Cynthia defends Kenya: ‘She’s not wrong about everything’

    Cynthia_BaileyCynthia Bailey isn’t swearing her allegiance to either Kenya Moore or Porsha Williams when it comes to the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion brawl, but she is the only cast member who thought about Kenya’s welfare after the former Miss USA was physically attacked on national TV.

    Andy Cohen pointed out that many “RHOA” viewers wondered why Cynthia didn’t rush to Porsha’s aid, like the other co-stars, after the altercation.

    “I didn’t go over there because everybody was over there. I wanted to go check on Kenya because no one went to check on her and she was the one who was actually attacked in the fight,” Cynthia reasoned.

    Cynthia was sitting in the middle of the two women who shouted at one another almost as though she weren’t there. Cynthia even took a hit from Porsha as the “Flatline” singer launched herself from the sofa to confront Kenya.

    “Somebody really could have gotten hurt for real. Porsha could have gotten hurt. Kenya could have gotten hurt. I was sitting in the middle of it. I could have gotten hurt,” said Cynthia whose breast was exposed by Porsha’s swift ascent from the couch.

    “I honestly didn’t realize my boob was actually out for a while. I didn’t intend for 4 million people to see my boob, but I guess they did. So, I hope they were pleased,” she joked on “Access Hollywood.”

    Cynthia talks to Andy Cohen about the fight. Watch.

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