Cynthia defends Kenya: ‘She’s not wrong about everything’

    CynthiaBailey“I know [Porsha] had to hold on to something to get up, so I was conveniently there,” said Cynthia who has been accused of changing her positions on topics depending on which way the wind blows. That would suggest that Cynthia usually follows the masses, but she is pretty much standing alone as the sole cast member who isn’t defending Porsha when it comes to the fight.

    “I don’t really want to be team anyone on this one. I think they both didn’t handle the situation well,” said Cynthia who also disagrees with her co-stars’ alleged belief that Kenya is always in the wrong.

    “Toward the end of filming, Kenya and I did get a little closer, especially after she lost her dog. Kenya will definitely stir the pot, I won’t say that she doesn’t do that, but in certain situations, she’s not wrong about everything on the show. There were definitely situations where I kinda stuck by her side. I don’t think a lot of the women on the show ever back her up. It’s always like, ‘Kenya’s wrong about everything.’”

    Though she doesn’t think Kenya is always wrong, Cynthia agrees with her co-stars that Kenya’s behavior at the reunion was extra.

    “When it comes to the props and all that stuff, there just has to be some rules. Either we can have props or we can’t have props,” said Cynthia who doesn’t disagree that Kenya was provoking her co-star. However, she said that’s what the reunion shows are about.

    “It’s provocative. You know when you go to the reunion you’re going to be asked a lot of tough questions. You’re going to be uncomfortable. You’re going to be insulted. All those things are going to happen,” she said. “So mentally, you just have to be ready in how you decide to deal with things is your choice. It’s your choice to get up and fight or your choice to cut back with your words.”

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