Russ Parr took some heat for ‘The Undershepherd’

    Russ_ParrSyndicated radio host and filmmaker Russ Parr wants his projects not only to entertain but to inspire.

    “I think it’s important that we have messages where people can get something from the movie,” he said.

    he calls his upcoming film, Hear No Evil, a “spiritual thriller.”

    “It’s a story about a 15-year-old deaf girl who was struck by lightening. She bounces up like nothing happened and her hearing is restored and all of a sudden, she’s talking to God and God is giving her messages about people,” he explained.

    As a thriller, Hear No Evil is a departure from the romantic comedies and dramas that Russ is better known, but Russ is no stranger to the criticism that can come from trying to break new ground.

    The popular radio personality received some backlash from the church community for his film The Undershepherd, but he’s not planning to let that stop him from including religious themes in his future work.

    “I took a little heat for the The Undershepherd,” he said about the movie that starred Isaiah Washington as a corrupt pastor. “I was trying to speak my truth, not necessarily the universal truth of religion.”

    Cover_May2014_ApolloThere’s more to this story. Russ responds to those who question his Christianity in the May 2014 issue of Sister 2 Sister.






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