VIDEO: The Game and T.I. in police standoff


    T.I. and The Game had a serious run in with law in Los Angeles this morning when they faced off against the cops. reports that the pair had a showdown with the Los Angeles Police Department after members of the rappers’ entourages got into a nasty fight outside of an L.A.’s Supperclub. The melee began after two members of T.I. and Game’s entourage were denied entrance to the club and they started arguing with the bouncers.

    Tensions quickly turned into an all-out brawl when someone from the rappers’ groups tried to punch a member of the club’s security team. The entire team then pounced on the offending club goers and beat them up, even kicking one person in the face while they were being held down.

    That’s when T.I., The Game and the rest of their entourage came out of the club to confront cops. They believed that LAPD had beaten up their friend, and they got into a loud stand-off with authorities. As the confrontation began to escalate, one officer put his hand on a pistol while another aimed a handgun.

    The rappers and their crew seemed to be gearing up for an epic brawl, but the friend in custody let them know it wasn’t the cops who beat him up. He redirected the mob towards the club’s security guards, who actually assaulted him.

    There’s no word on how the altercation was eventually resolved yet. Neither T.I. nor Game have spoken out about the matter at this time.

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