Erica Dixon: Mimi Faust is not the brightest

    Ariane Davis and Erica Dixon thought it was a terrible idea for Mimi Faust to make a sex tape with Nikko.

    Ariane and Erica were flabbergasted when she dished that they’ve been taping themselves in bed. However, Mimi seemed pretty proud of herself  when sharing the information with her friends.

    It was something of a 1-2 punch for Ariane, who didn’t even know that her friend had gotten back with Nikko. Just last season he was calling Mimi damaged goods! “I know Mimi did not just say she’s back with Nikko. The last time I talked to her, she said she dumped this trash bag,” Ariane said in a confessional.

    Creating a sex tape might be exciting in the moment, but it comes with a certain amount of risk. “What if it gets into the wrong hands? What if y’all break up?” Erica asked Mimi, listing the possible repercussions of making a steamy home movie.

    “I love Mimi, but sometimes, she’s not the brightest when it comes to men,” Erica stated during her own aside. “You can’t give these low-budget n*ggas anything to hold against you!”

    Ariane echoed Erica’s sentiments, stating, “Nikko is not trustworthy. I wouldn’t trust him with a spare key to my house let alone a sex tape.”

    Mimi seemed to be completely deaf to her friends’ concerns in the video below. Take a look!

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