Tammy Rivera talks ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’


    “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” newbie Tammy Rivera isn’t sweating the reality TV curse when it comes to her relationship with Waka Flocka Flame.

    Most people might only know Tammy as the woman who Waka plans to marry, but season 3 of “LHHATL” will allow the world to know more about her. Before she could open up to the world, though, she had to learn to live life with a camera crew watching her every move.

    “It was kind of up and down because it’s new for me. I had to get adapted,” Tammy told Sister 2 Sister of the initial adjustment period when filming began. “I have trust issues so it was weird letting people into my life.”

    That proved to be a small hurdle to overcome when she started filming the show. “It was kind of like walking on egg shells. They were very soft I would say in the way that they approached–very mindful–because I was kind of standoffish,” she admitted. “But the longer I filmed the more comfortable I became with letting down my guard.”

    Although Tammy will be a new face to the audience, producers for “LHHATL” have been trying to pull her into the franchise for years. After years of courting from Monami Entertainment and VH1, Tammy is finally joining the cast. “I was approached the first season,” Tammy revealed. She wasn’t really prepared to share her life with the world when the opportunity first presented itself. “I wasn’t interested. It just wasn’t the right time in my life.”

    Eventually, though, Waka’s mom Deb Antney was able to change her mind about doing “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” With the extra years to strengthen their relationship away from the spotlight, the couple didn’t see any reason to sit out for another cycle.

    “It’s just a point right now in my life where for the first time with my fiancé I feel stable. I feel grounded. I feel blessed, and he’s more comfortable in our relationship,” Tammy explained. “It’s just a time right now where we feel like it’s okay to let people in. We’re not perfect, but I’m ready.”

    Tammy thinks things between her and Waka are more than solid enough to withstand whatever the public can throw at them.

    “We’ve been through hell and high water, so I doubt if this TV show can even compare to half the stuff I’ve been through with this man,” Tammy stated confidently. “This right here, this is small peanuts for us.”

    Get to know more about Tammy (and the challenges she’s faced with Waka) tonight when season 3 of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” debuts at 8 p.m. EST on VH1.

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