Brittish Williams no longer friends with Sundy Carter?

    Brittish _3Though they were both #TeamJackie during “Basketball Wives: LA,” Brittish Williams said she and Sundy Carter aren’t exactly on speaking terms anymore.

    Before season 3 of the VH1 drama aired, Jackie Christie, Sundy and Brittish all sat together for interviews about what was to come. They rolled together in Paris and seemingly had each other’s backs on the show, but things have changed.

    “She blocked me on Twitter and Instagram,” Brittish told “We didn’t even get into anything. This was just last week. She blocked me and I blocked her back, and I don’t know why. I told Jackie and she was like, ‘I don’t know what happened.’ I haven’t done anything to her. I have no clue. I laugh. It’s like, whatever.”

    Brittish might be laughing now, but there was little humor during the season 3 reunion show. Instead, there was violence as things got heated between Sundy and Brandi Maxiell who wasn’t impressed by Sundy’s apology.

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    “I wish Sundy was a lot more apologetic,” Brittish said. “She’s saying sorry just to say sorry because that’s what she feels like she needs to do. I mean she needs to do something—send an Edible Arrangement or something…She’s just saying it to clean up her rep or clean up her act.”

    Like many “BBW: LA” stars and fans, Brandi was offended when Sundy taunted her about her struggles to conceive another child. Brandi’s fertility issues are a result of her fight against ovarian cancer.

    “I can say very mean things and I can be reckless but there are just certain lines you don’t cross. It kind of leaves you at a loss for words,” Brittish said.

    Ideally, Brittish thinks all the ladies should be able to get along, but she said she really only keeps in touch with Jackie.

    “We don’t have each other’s numbers,” she said at Draya Michele, Malaysia Pargo and Brandi. “I don’t have any bad blood with any of them. I understand that this is a show. I think we should be able to have an argument and then we should be able to have lunch.”

    Despite the drama, Brittish said her first season on reality TV was a positive experience.

    “I really enjoyed it. It was an experience,” she said. “You guys really got to see me mature. I’m still going to say crazy things and pop-off because that’s who I am and I’m working on that, but I’m a work in progress.”

    Check out Brittish’s entire interview here.

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