T.D. Jakes: Listen to your instincts

    T_D_JakesMany people are guilty of tuning out that inner voice that sometimes offers instructions we don’t want to hear, but in his new book, Bishop T.D. Jakes says that’s the wrong thing to do.

    His new book, Instinct: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive, is for those hoping to find and fulfill their true purpose in life, said T.D. who believes seekers need to look within.

    “We live in so much noise that we’re moved by the outside more than the inside, but if you really want to change your outside world, you have to start from the inside and that’s where the instinct begins,” Jakes told myfoxny.com.

    The Potter’s House pastor said it can be difficult to zone in on that inner voice these days with so many outside distractions, but learning to focus on what our instincts are telling us will improve lives, he said.

    “Most of us spend our lives reacting to other people’s demands rather than reacting introspectively to who we are and working from there. That’s where your creativity is. That’s where your passion is and you’ll never work a day in your life if you follow your instincts,” said T.D.

    T.D. said learning to work in your area of expertise and using the specific talents with which you’re born will result in a more fulfilling life.

    “If you work from your core, you’re more at peace with yourself. You’re more prosperous and you fill much more fulfilled,” he said. “You want to be excellent on your level. That removes us from jealousy. That stops us from competing with other people…I’m going to be happy on the level that I have been gifted.”

    Watch T.D. talk more about his book below.

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