Kelly Price rebounding from ‘R&B Divas: LA’ with ‘Sing, Pray, Love’

    Kelly Price

    Kelly Price said her new album Sing, Pray, Love is for those who are ready to make the most out of life.

    “It’s about a woman coming into the greatest season of her life and determining to live while she’s alive,” Kelly told “These songs are celebratory and quite decisive and some of the most powerful songs I’ve ever written and performed,” she said.

    Kelly, who had such a hard time on TVOne’s “R&B Divas: LA” that she decided not to return to the show, said that experience hasn’t discouraged her from taking chances. “You get to a point in life and you think about everything you’ve done, how you’ve played by the rules, how there are things that you wanted to do and you felt like, ‘No, maybe I couldn’t,’ and you just decide you’re ready to live while you’re alive and not have a bunch of ‘shoulda coulda wouda’s’ and so Sing Pray Love’ comes from that,” Kelly told

    Kelly’s single, “It’s My Time” which she described as “the other ‘Happy,'” is an example of her life imitating art. She shared that she’s ready to try some new things while living life in LA.

    “I really, really want to branch off into doing more acting, and I write all the time,” she said. “I have a bunch of scripts that I have in my computer that I have determined to actually get sold. So, I am in Hollywood now.”

    Watch Kelly Price below.

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