Mariah Huq says fame has changed Quad Webb

    Mariah Huq, RHOA, Real Housewives of AtlantaMariah Huq admits that she may have made a few condescending comments toward her former BFF Quad Webb, but she said that pales in comparison to things Quad has recently said about her.

    “Based on all the things she’s done and said in interviews, I think that that is miniscule in the big scheme of things. That’s how I feel,” Mariah told Sister 2 Sister in reference to describing Quad as the branch to her tree.

    Although she asserts that when she invited Quad to join her on “Married to Medicine,” she did so expecting her former friend to walk beside her, not behind. However, Mariah said their “M2M” co-stars didn’t want to give Quad a chance.

    “Simone [Whitmore] called her a project. Toya [Bush-Harris] called her a puppet. All of those ladies talked about her,” said Mariah. “From the first episode, I told her to stand up for herself and let them know that she was worthy of being in this circle just like everybody else. I’ve always built Quad up, not tore her down…. I feel Quad was made to feel inferior, but not by me.”

    If the other ladies had an issue with Quad before, they seemed to have gotten past it. Mariah is the only cast member who has bumped heads with Quad so far this season, and Mariah believes fame is the culprit.

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    “Fame changes people,” said Mariah who is disappointed in how Quad has dealt with their issues. “I’m not sure what’s going on with Quad. To me, it’s not normal to be this upset with a girlfriend.”

    Quad has previously expressed that she felt like Mariah was speaking down to her after watching season 1, and while she denies that, Mariah said she does feel like she helped introduce Quad into Atlanta’s medical community. Now, it’s almost as if the student is trying to surpass the teacher.

    “I feel like to bring somebody in, build them up and them turn on you, that’s like the person you hired trying to get you fired,” Mariah explained. “That’s crazy, the person, you trained and brought in and supported… It’s disappointing.”

    Though they haven’t been able to settle their differences, Mariah said she hasn’t lost love for Quad.

    “I loved Quad then. I love her now. I always will and wish her the best of luck,” said Mariah.

    Get a preview of Sunday’s all-new episode, airing at 9:30 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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