T.I. raps about marital problems in ‘The Worst’


    T.I. decided to air out what’s really been going on in his marriage on a remix of Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst.”

    T.I. and has wife Tiny have been denying rumors that their happy home is falling apart. However the couple, who got married in 2010, have been giving the public plenty of reasons to believe that something is off in their relationship.

    First, there were whispers that T.I. fathered a baby outside of their marriage. Next, Tiny began lashing out at people on social media for teasing her about her husband’s alleged affairs. T.I. also reprimanded Tiny for posting sexy pictures to her Instagram account. Just last month, there were reports that T.I. had bought his own bachelor pad so that he could be closer to his studio.

    If you ask the “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” stars, they fight and make up just like any other married couple and they have no plans of getting a divorce. However, Tip’s just rapped about their marital issues on Jhene’s latest single “The Worst.”

    “Quit condemning me for being me/As long as you knew me I been the same way/And I doubt that ever change babe/Do not compare me to no rappers man them n*ggas lame,” T.I. rhymed. “F*ck it/ since this really want you want/ them b*tches got you thinking you too tough to give me what I want.”

    He adds, “You can have it all, but the pride comes before the fall.”

    Tip might also be calling his wife out for her behavior on social media and the revealing pictures she posts, hinting that her rants are causing some discord in their home life.

    “But if it isn’t worth shooting me in the head don’t/ Take to social media to try me/ Putting folk all in our BI all on IG/” T.I. rhymes. “Nah, I don’t believe it, I don’t wanna see it/ Maybe I wake up tomorrow it’ll be deleted/ You out the country in bikinis on beaches/ While I’m in the studio doing features.”

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