LaTavia Roberson dismisses skin bleaching rumors


    LaTavia Roberson admits that her skin tone has changed over the years, but it’s not because she’s bleaching her skin.

    The “R&B Divas” newbie decided to debunk some of the misconceptions that she’s faced during her career during a chat with The Grio.

    When she first started popping up in promos for the new season for “R&B Divas,” people noticed that her complexion was a bit lighter than what many Destiny’s Child fans remember. Immediately, it was assumed that LaTavia had intentionally lightened her skin.

    “Lately it’s been going around talking about I bleach my skin [laughs]. You know, I don’t know if it’s the blonde hair,” she said with a laugh as she acknowledged the rumor.

    The truth is that her skin tone now is closer to her natural complexion, and any change is just the result of her breaking one of her old habits.

    “Wat a lot of people don’t know is that I used to—I’m a big, big, big, huge fan of tanning. I love to tan because I love the sun. I love the water,” LaTavia explained. “Once my mother got diagnosed with breast cancer—it was something that we used to do together—I definitely stepped back from that and I don’t tan as much.

    LaTavia also spoke again on her feelings about being ousted from Destiny’s Child. As she explained, the group’s roster was constantly shifting and her stint just happened during its rise. While the world knows Destiny’s Child as a quartet and a trio, LaTavia shared that their act could actually have been much smaller before Beyoncé went solo.

    She revealed, “There were looks at Beyoncé and I doing a duo.”

    Although she admits that her time after leaving the group was very hard for her, she doesn’t harbor any hard feelings today.

    “I think that one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about me is that I’m bitter about what happened with Destiny’s Child–and evern that I’m bitter towards Matthew,” LaTavia said. “It wa business, totally. I would never trade anything in my life for my experience and my time with Destiny’s Child. Ever.”

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