Erica Dixon shades Joseline Hernandez, Shay Johnson

    Erica_DixonErica Dixon didn’t quite click with Joseline Hernandez when “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” first premiered and she assured fans that things haven’t changed.

    “I didn’t like her season 1 and I don’t like her season 3. I don’t like her. I don’t care for her,” Erica recently told V-103 DJ Big Tigger.

    Their animosity isn’t just something that occurs when the reality TV cameras are rolling. Big Tigger witnessed a hostile exchange between Joseline and Erica when both were visiting the Atlanta radio station.

    “This is real. It’s not for the camera,” said Erica who apparently greeted Stevie J when she saw him, but ignored Joseline. “Why you mad, though?” Erica asked after Joseline threatened to do her bodily harm.

    Though they do a decent job at it, Erica told “My Real Talk Radio” that it’s sometimes difficult to argue with Joseline who has a strong accent.

    “Somebody needs to get her Rosetta Stone or something. It sounds like she gotta lot of spit in her mouth. Swallow ‘cause that’s what you best at doing. Swallow first and then speak,” Erica said about Joseline while questioning her gender. “I don’t like his attitude. He has a very bad attitude.”

    Erica didn’t reserve all her shady commentary for Joseline. When asked about her former relationship with rapper Lil Scrappy, she said that she learned a lot about him by watching his actions on the show.

    “You in a relationship with a person and you think you know a person and then you start to see things, television wise, and things that they’re doing that you would never think that they would do. It kinda opened my eyes to letting me know what type of person he was. Throughout the years of dealing with him, I’ve heard several things as far as our relationship and him with different women. This is a cycle with him, but just being on the show. It showed me, the cycle never ended and I was being fooled the whole time,” said Erica who considered Scrappy’s relationship with Shay Johnson a downgrade.

    “You see your ex out somewhere…and you kinda be like, ‘Uugh, what was I thinking?’ What was he thinking?” she said when asked about seeing the former “Flavor of Love” star with Scrappy last season.

    She obviously doesn’t get along with all her “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” co-stars. Her rivals don’t speak any higher of her than she does of them, but Erica said there is only so much she’s going to take from them.

    “I demand my respect,” she said. “Either you going to give it willingly or I’mma make you give it. Period.”

    Hear Erica on V-103 here. | Listen to Erica’s interview with here.

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