Sundy Carter hopes to show more layers for ‘BBW:LA’ season 4

    SundyCarterSundy Carter didn’t leave the best impression on “Basketball Wives: LA” fans after her first season on the show, but she’s hoping viewers will get to see another side of her if she’s back for season 4.

    “My season 1 was definitely rough,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “I got it now. Let me go in and do a second season. I feel like I definitely know what fine-tuning I have to do and how to handle these women.”

    Sundy’s first introduction to Draya Michele and Brandi Maxiell started off rocky and Malaysia Pargo didn’t exactly welcome her to the cast with open arms either. During the course of the season, Draya and Sundy engaged in a physical fight and her comments about Brandi’s infertility problems resulted in a huge backlash.

    “This is the thing about Brandi. During the entire show, I knew that she had some kind of issues going on or whatever. She’s never brought that on the show as far as being an advocate for cancer. She’s never done anything to say that she has or has beaten this disease. The only thing I knew is that she was trying to get pregnant, realistically,” Sundy explained. “There were times that she came for me, and you didn’t see it. I didn’t look at her as a cancer survivor when we got into that argument. I just looked at her as Brandi. I said things that were definitely out of line, but again, I was not trying to come for her disease. I actually was trying to make peace between Malaysia and Jackie [Christie]. She really, I believe took it too far and then I think I took it a step further. Me calling somebody stupid, doesn’t give you the right to disrespect me and say, ‘Oh, well you’re a whore; you’re a slut; you’re trash…’ Everything that she said, really?”

    Though she hopes to show a different side of herself if she returns for another season, Sundy, who raises money for cancer patients and research, doubts she’ll be able to fix her issues with Brandi.

    “As far as us reconciling any kind of relationship, I don’t think so. I apologized to her on my website. I made a public apology. I apologized on Twitter. I even apologized on the reunion, and it’s still not good enough. I’m not going to beg anybody for their forgiveness. I said sorry three times. She wasn’t my friend to start off with and I highly doubt she will be my friend moving forward.”

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