Kelly Price reacts to ‘Catfish’ reference

    Kelly_PriceWithout any promotion on her part whatsoever, Kelly Price became a trending topic Wednesday night after an episode of “Catfish” featuring two cousins and an imaginary love interest.

    Nev and Max host the MTV show on which they help the desperately in love figure out if the objects of their affections are real individuals or made up profiles intended to reel in others for vengeance or laughs.

    The latest episode featured cousins Antwane and Tony. However, Tony ended up being a fictional person created by Antwane’s female cousin Carmen, 30, who was upset with Antwane for referring to her as “a fat hungry Kelly Price” three years prior.

    “He talk about me in front of everybody,” Carmen said after revealing that she was the person with whom her cousin fell in love. “Now, the joke is on him.”

    As a result of that reference, Kelly’s name was tweeted and hashtagged across the Twitterverse, but the former “R&B Divas: LA” star didn’t take offense. Instead, she let it serve as a reminder of how she’s slimmed down since first emerging on the music scene in the ‘90s.

    “Thx @CatfishMTV didn’t see the show but the pics ppl postd reminded me how far Ive come. #TRANSFORMED #PROUD OF ME,” Kelly tweeted.

    At her heaviest, Kelly was 336 lbs., she recently told “I vowed to myself I would never be that big again… I’ve maintained a solid 100 lb. weight loss, and I’m comfortable in my skin.

    Kelly also took the opportunity to promote her new album Sing, Pray, Love.

    Watch the episode of “Catfish” below.


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