Torrei Hart: I have proof Kevin Hart cheated on me


    Torrei Hart has proof that Kevin Hart was cheating on her with Eniko Parish and she is not afraid to use it!

    The “Atlanta Exes” star had some receipts for Kevin, who shot down her accusations that Eniko was a homewrecker because she was dating Kevin before he and Torrei were even separated.

    The Think Like A Man Too star claims that he ad Torrei haven’t been together in nearly seven years. He’s been dating Eniko for about five years. Those numbers don’t add up according to Torrei, who gave a much different timeline of the overlapping relationships in an open letter she posted to Twitter.

    “Our divorce was finalized two years ago and we were only separated 8 months prior to the divorce,” Torrei wrote. “Despite what @kevinhart4real has said and the time frames he is trying to establish Eniko Parrish @neekibaby was his mistress and was one of the reasons that broke up my family.”

    She added, “I have more proof but Kevin should just be honest for both of our healing. I want @kevinhart4real and I to be friends like he portrays we are to the media.”

    Torrei was visibly upset while talking about the breakdown of her marriage on “Entertainment Tonight.” She wasn’t necessarily crying about another woman interfering in her marriage, but it was more so about remembering how her family was torn apart. Time has helped her to see how it wasn’t a bad thing, though.

    “The hardest thing I ever had to do was lose my family. But as I heal and grow I understand why it had to happen,” Torrei explained. “Yes I was broken at a point in my life but that is only natural for someone who’s had to suffer what I had to suffer.”

    Check out the full letter below!

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