Carmon Cambrice tells her side of Mama Joyce drama


    Things may be better between Kandi Burruss and her mom now, but the relationship between Mama Joyce and Carmon Cambrice is still strained.

    “We don’t talk, so I don’t know where her feelings are at this point,” Carmon told Sister 2 Sister. “She was like a mother to me. I spent every summer at her house. She used to introduce me as her daughter, but now she doesn’t talk to me.”

    Though she was accused of being too close to Kandi’s fiancé Todd Tucker, Carmon stood at the altar near her friend as the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s maid of honor.

    Carmon isn’t completely sure where things went left between her and Mama Joyce, but she thinks it started a couple years ago during the holidays.

    “It started I think about two Thanksgivings ago. I don’t know where the story comes from or how it developed or who the people in the street are, but Mama Joyce came up with a story that some people said that I had ate some food off of Todd’s plate. It developed from eating something off his plate. From there, it just grew legs and the story continued to grow. It was disappointing,” said Carmon who’s known Kandi and her family since middle school and denies eating off Todd’s plate. “It’s crazy.”

    Carmon said she would have really appreciated Mama Joyce speaking to her first before believing or spreading the rumors.

    “RHOA” fans watched as Carmon tried to defend herself against Mama Joyce’s accusations. Kandi and Carmon both seemed to be unfazed by the rumors, but Carmon admitted that she did worry that Kandi might believe the gossip.

    “You think about it. As women, you think, ‘I don’t know if she’s going to believe this, if she’s going to want me around anymore,” explained Carmon who is also employed by Kandi as her assistant. “We had a conversation about it, and she didn’t believe it and I never would have believed anything like that about her.”

    Luckily for the girlfriends, the gossip didn’t ruin their relationship, but Carmon said she is now keeping her distance from Todd.

    “It definitely changed the dynamics of me and Todd’s relationship,” Carmon said. “We’re in the house and we’re working and we’re doing something…if [Kandi] walked out the room, I found myself always leaving as well, if he was in the room. If we were out and I was standing next to him, it’s like, Okay. Let me move.’”

    A close relationship with Todd is a small sacrifice for Carmon, who has no siblings and considers Kandi a sister. She may avoid being alone with him in a room and not be on speaking terms with Mama Joyce, but the important friendship is still in tact.

    “She didn’t believe that was going on,” Carmon said about how Kandi handled the gossip. “I was grateful that I didn’t have to go through that battle with her and it didn’t harm our friendship.”

    Fans will likely be able to see how they all interact when “Kandi’s Wedding” premieres June 1 on Bravo.

    Watch a preview below.

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