Has Rasheeda cheated on Kirk Frost?

    Rasheeda hinted that Kirk Frost may not have been the only person who’s cheated in their relationship!

    Infidelity is not something new between the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” spouses. Their relationship has been on shaky ground for just about a year, but the Boss Chick said the marriage hasn’t always been bad.

    “Although we have these bumps, it’s been hella years of just really great times and beautiful marital bliss to a certain extent. I feel like I’ll work on it until you ain’t go no more fight,” Rasheeda explained to VH1, adding that she’s not terribly concerned about what viewers may think of their relationship. “People see those two minutes of a clip, and don’t see everything else that happens. They don’t know the mistakes the woman has made or anything like that.”

    Rasheeda was quick to point out that she wasn’t defending Kirk in any way, but she knows what it’s like to have to rebuild a relationship when you’ve broken someone’s trust. The “Georgia Peach” rapper implied that she may have cheated on Kirk in the past.

    “Not in our marriage I have not,” Rasheeda clarified when asked if she’d ever messed around behind Kirk’s back. “Things aren’t always perfect and people make mistakes. What I will say is I have not done anything in the marriage.”

    This could explain why Kirk was so adamant about getting their new son Karter a paternity test. However, her indiscretions are so far in the past that she’s still hurt over his doubts about her–especially given his own actions last season on “LHHATL.”

    “The paternity test situation I really feel like that sh*t was totally disrespectful and pissed me off to the utmost,” Rasheeda said. “You know men do stupid sh*t because of insecurities within them. Not because of me. I haven’t done anything. When you talk to Kirk you ask him ‘What has Rasheeda done to make you feel like you would need to do that?’ The answer is nothing.”

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