Nicci Gilbert talks TV One lawsuit


    Nicci Gilbert is speaking out about what motivated her to file a $10 million lawsuit against TV One.

    The “R&B Divas” creator and her production company NOEGO Entertainment filed suit against the network for its upcoming series “Hollywood Divas.” Nicci claims that TV One and Think Factory Media co-opted the idea after seeing the success of the series she dreamed up. However, reports that Nicci is also suing TV One on accusations that it did not pay her for her role as co-executive producer.

    “I don’t want to go into the numbers but to answer your question, I have not [been paid]. It’s no secret. I haven’t been paid since last year,” she said during a Google Hangout.

    Supposedly, there have been a lot of nasty comments flying between Nicci and the network, but she told reporters things have been pretty tame.

    “It is a civil case; we want to be civil and regard it as best we can,” Nicci said. “Contrary to some reports in the media it’s not like I’m flipping out and going crazy. I’ve been dealing with this for a number of years.”

    She continued, “I feel there are some things that need to be talked about and worked out and since we can’t do it collectively, we have to include lawyers.”

    Nicci doesn’t deny that there are some hurt feelings, professionally speaking. As such, the former “R&B Divas” star believes that having an objective third party decide things is best.

    “Everybody on some level is disappointed and has been disappointed about certain things, not just me,” Nicci said. “I feel they probably feel the same way and the safest thing for me to do without losing my mind and flipping out is just to kind of let the court system play out.”

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