Tamala Jones is moving on…

    Tamala_JonesIf you’ve been on the blogs or Twitter lately, then you know that “Castle” actress Tamala Jones is single and ready to mingle.

    In a recent talk with Sister 2 Sister, Tamala said that she is still “very good friends” with her ex-boyfriend, the billionaire son of the President of Equatorial Guinea. As she moves on to the next, she said that she’s looking for a man who can handle a strong woman and all that she comes with.

    “I’m not just an actress. I consider myself a humanitarian, and I try to do as much as I can to make change in the world,” Tamala explained. “I’m not always going to be available for relationship stuff, but you can come with me and we can grow this together.”

    Tamala’s attracted to businessmen and entrepreneurs who are well traveled. She thinks that dating another actor wouldn’t be a good look.

    “I’m already a handful. So somebody who is another actor trying to date me, that might be a little too much for the both of us ’cause I’m crazy. And there only needs to be one crazy person in the household, not two.”

    Tamala is also moving on to season 7 of the hit show “Castle,” where she plays the role of medical examiner Lanie Parish. She sends her love to all of her fans who support the show. “Get ready. Season 7 is going to be cray cray, crazy,” she told S2S.

    Check out the June/July issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine where Tamala talks about falling in love with the people of Equatorial Guinea, and her plans to work with the first lady of Equatorial Guinea to build clinics for women in the small African republic.
    Tamala Jones
    Photo by David Art

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