Bambi prayed herself through miscarriage loss

    TwitPics_Bambi_52914Bambi and Lil Scrappy are still a couple despite the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” drama, but she admitted it’s hard watching her man on TV with Erica Pinkett.

    “It’s been kind of rough,” she told Sister 2 Sister about seeing her man’s “friend” repeatedly try to seduce him. Luckily, Bambi wasn’t caught completely off guard.

    “I definitely suspected that. I had told him a few times, ‘I don’t think this girl means well,’” Bambi recalled. “She was just being extra.”

    Erica’s “extra” behavior resulted in a jab to the jaw on a recent episode of “LHHATL.” Bambi, who recently suffered a miscarriage, didn’t accept the condolences Erica offered.

    “This was our first time meeting. She came up to me knowing that she disliked me. You come up to me in a club and for her to say what she said was kind of insensitive and she had a little smirk on her face,” said Bambi who struck Erica when she interrupted Bambi’s conversation with Scrappy.

    “I directed everything towards him. He was the issue at the moment,” said Bambi who explained that Erica grabbed her. “She put her hands on me. I lost it.”

    Bambi said she doesn’t condone violence but that she was still dealing with the loss of her unborn child at the time.

    “I know how to entertain without physically putting my hands on somebody. I was really mentally going through some things,” Bambi said. “It definitely could have gotten out of control. I wasn’t thinking at all.”

    Although it may have seemed like she was fighting over a man, Bambi said her beef with Erica wasn’t about Scrappy.

    “I think the smart people kinda understood what it was at that very moment. This is my  first time really being out after the situation happened and Scrappy’s birthday. I was really trying to enjoy the night and enjoy the night with him,” she said. “The issue wasn’t fighting over a man.”

    Bambi, who released papers proving that she actually did have a miscarriage and not an abortion, offered advice for other women dealing with similar losses.

    “Take it one day at a time. I really went in super prayer mode. What helped me was my mom and everybody telling me everything happens for a reason. Maybe it wasn’t the right time for me. I just prayed myself through that,” she said.

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