Mama Joyce insults Todd Tucker’s family

    Mama_JoyceMost people try to respect the unspoken rule not to talk about other people’s mothers, but being a mom herself, Mama Joyce had no problem dissing Todd Tucker’s parents.

    Kandi Burruss’ mom took aim at her future son-in-law’s mom and dad in a preview for “Kandi’s Wedding,” premiering Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

    Kandi has received criticism for not standing up to her mother more, but she quickly checked her mom after she called Todd’s parents “a pimp and a prostitute.”

    “Please do not talk about his deceased father. His dad died; he’s never even known his father,” said Kandi who prompted an apology from her mom.

    However, that wasn’t the end of the tense conversation. Mama Joyce continued suggest that Todd and his family had ulterior motives.

    “You the first person with the kind of money that you got that they done latched onto,” said Mama Joyce whose comments insulted Kandi.

    “You don’t think highly of me,” the singer said. “The only thing I got to offer is money apparently, according to you.”


    Watch more of the sneak peek below.

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