Drea Kelly dismisses critics


    Andrea Kelly of “Hollywood Exes” is fighting back against the negative comments some people make about her life.

    After suffering a tidal wave of criticism about the recent drama she’s endured due to her short lived marriage to Brian McKee, Drea spoke out against her detractors on Twitter.

    That was simply the final shot in a string of tweets she made to combat the negativity and shade being thrown her way. While some question her commitment, Drea is proud that she was able to find the strength to back out of a bad relationship.

    “Some women put up w FAR MORE for FAR LESS. Thank God I have COURAGE and all you have are COMMENTS……learn something!” Drea wrote last week, also reminding her haters that she isn’t the only person to ever go through a breakup. “PS…. STAY OFF MY TIME LINE FRONT’N LIKE YOU’VE NEVER BEEN IN A RELATIONSHIP THAT DIDN’T LAST EVERY ONE HAS AN ‘EX’ ON THIS EARTH….BOOM!”

    Before that, the “Hollywood Exes” dancer also offered up some encouragement to women trying to find the strength to stand on their own.

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