EXCLUSIVE: Mimi Faust talks engagement rumors


    Mimi Faust is finally speaking out about rumors that she and her boyfriend Nikko are getting married.

    Since news of Mimi’s scandalous sex tape hit the web back in April, it’s come along with chatter that the couple is now engaged. Blogs pointed to the mysterious appearance of some serious bling on her ring finger as evidence that Nikko popped the questions.

    Sister 2 Sister has found out, however, that there aren’t any wedding bells in Mimi’s immediate future.

    “If I was engaged, I would make a statement publicly about it,” Mimi told S2S, adding that they aren’t really thinking about tying the knot right now. “We’re happy together, but I mean as far as marriage is concerned…I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.”

    If anything, Mimi revealed that the leak of their sex tape nearly tore their relationship apart. When asked if she ever thought about dumping him, she confirmed, “Yeah. We weren’t in a good place for a very long time.” She’s since forgiven Nikko and they’ve moved on from the situation.

    Mimi also took a moment to shoot down rumors that she and Nikko are expecting. “We’re not with child. No,” Mimi said with a laugh. “I’ve heard almost everything you can imagine: I’m pregnant. We’re engaged. Just everything. They just make up anything they can and they say it.”

    Mimi’s not entirely surprised about all the things people are fabricating about her life. Neither has she been caught off guard by all of the criticism she’s received for making a sexy home movie with Nikko.

    “I expected it to come along with the territory. I did. I didn’t know how much or how intense, but I kind of expected it,” Mimi said of all the attention and questions she’s been getting about the tape. “I just basically try to stay off of social media. People are so evil and cruel and judgmental.”

    Unfortunately, Mimi hasn’t totally been able to withdraw from social media since she still has to promote “LHHATL.” She has, however, figured out a way to manage her interactions.

    “Since the tape released it’s been difficult because I still have to do it. You kind of just make a post and just leave it alone,” Mimi explained. “You don’t read comments, but you still want to engage your supporters at the same time.”

    Catch more of Mimi and Nikko when “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on VH1.

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