Peter seeking therapy, planning to marry Amina again

    Few “Love & Hip Hop: New York” viewers would disagree that Peter Gunz had a lot to learn after juggling two women and ultimately commiting to one on the show. He spoke to Sister 2 Sister for the May 2014 issue and talked about what the situation taught him. Plus, they got married at the justice of the peace. Are he and Amina Buddafly planning to restate their vows at a bigger wedding ceremony? Get the story below.


    Tracy: So Peter, if you could pick one lesson that was the biggest lesson that you learned, what was that? 

    Peter: I guess the biggest thing would be to never lie to people that love you and respect you, especially when you have children with them. And to go then and stick a knife in them, that is worse. I sold out people I love, blindsided them on national TV and that will never happen again.

    Tracy: So other than being more honest and not lying to people, what other steps are you taking to make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself? 

    Peter: Right now, I’m actually taking some therapy and just trying to do better.

    Tracy: Are you guys in therapy together? Is it marriage counseling?

    Peter: No, it’s me. Amina’s fine. I’m the one with the problem.

    Amina: Wait. You’re in therapy?

    Peter: Yeah. I’m doing something my man Jay set up for me. I always denied therapy, but finally I agreed to it.

    Amina: You didn’t tell me.

    Peter: That’s none of your business. [laughter] But yeah, that’s something that my friend Jay told me he thought I should do.

    Tracy: Are we going to see that on the next season?

    Peter: We’ll see. You know they’re not too fond of taping nothing that’s going to make you look like you’re trying to do better. But I still find myself getting caught in the little white ones. She catches me in the little white ones every now and then.

    Amina: Oh my god.

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