Peter seeking therapy, planning to marry Amina again


    Tracy: I read that your wedding ceremony was spontaneous. You’d been talking about it and then one morning you just jumped up and went to the justice of the peace. Are you going to have a larger ceremony and maybe renew your vows or anything like that?

    Peter: Yep.

    Amina: I don’t know.

    Tracy: Wait. I got two different answers. [laughs]

    Peter: Well, I say yes. If anybody knows about getting married at the justice of the peace, you have to file for a marriage license, take everything in and then plan a date.

    Amina: Right.

    Peter: So it’s not like we went to Vegas and just got married. But it’s definitely ghetto, the way it went. [laughter] She got on the train, we went and got a sandwich and hey. So now, yeah, I want to get married in Germany.

    Amina: I want that. I’m so happy you’re saying that. Yes.

    Peter:  I’ve never met her parents. So I felt the right thing would be to go out there and meet her parents and apologize for just marrying their daughter without asking permission from the dad.

    Amina: Oh, no, my family is not like that. But they would still appreciate that.

    Peter: I would definitely get married in Germany. We might get a bomb threat at our wedding if we do it here. [laughter] Yeah, we might have to evacuate the ceremony; people hate the situation so bad.

    Amina: Yeah.

    Tracy: Oh, that’s funny.

    Peter: But it’s down-the-road stuff because I love Tara, always will. She still loves me and always will. So trying to just do things at a respectful pace and not rub salt in the wounds—I already did enough to her. So to humiliate her like that was wrong, and I feel bad for it.

    Tracy: Mm-hmm.

    Peter: Her family don’t speak to me at all. At all. They’re done.

    Tracy: Wow. That’s kind of heavy.

    Peter: True. True. These are people I was visiting in Mississippi and bringing my kids down. And the irony of the whole sh#@ is that some of these same men are worse than me.

    Amina: Yeah.

    Peter: But when it’s your kid and when it’s your daughter, it’s different. Hey, I guess that’s life.

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