EXCLUSIVE: Mimi Faust explains her grieving process

    Mimi Faust is keeping herself together in the wake of her father’s death by keeping busy.

    The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star was devastated when her dad suddenly passed away last month, and she’s still feeling the pain of the loss. “I’m managing. I miss him, and it’s been rough,” Mimi told Sister 2 Sister.

    While many people would drop everything to mourn such a tragedy, Mimi’s found that keeping up with her professional commitments is actually helping her to manage her grief.

    “You just gotta get up and keep going every day. If I stop and wallow in it, it won’t be good. And I’ve been so busy, I really haven’t had time to do that,” Mimi explained. “I think that’s kind of helped me out, too. My schedule doesn’t allow me to sit and think about things. I’m just going, going, going all the time.”

    Mimi’s also spoken to her daughter Eva about her father’s death, and the little girl is handling it fairly well. However, that could be because she didn’t necessarily have a traditional relationship with her grandfather.

    “She only talked to him over the phone. She never actually got a chance to talk to him in person,” said Mimi.”She’s taking it okay. She’s seen pictures and we had the conversation about it. I think she understands as far as a 4-year-old can.”

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