LaToya Jackson describes surprise engagement

    LaToyaJAfter months of speculations, LaToya Jackson announced on Wednesday that she is officially engaged to her longtime business manager Jeffre Phillips.

    In an exclusive conversation with Sister 2 Sister, LaToya revealed how the surprise engagement all went down.

    “It was romantic and it was definitely unexpected,” exclaimed La Toya. “He asked me to go to the spa and take some ‘me’ time, and I thought, ‘I don’t want any me time.’ And while I was away he decided to transform the suite that we had. It was beautiful. Rose petals across the floor, from the door all the way down through the kitchen and the dining room to the lanai where we were overlooking the ocean and there was a beautiful white table and candlelights and flowers everywhere. And I said, “Geez, what is this for?” she remembered.

    LaToya continued: “He had the chef, the butler and a five course meal. I couldn’t figure out what it was for. Then finally after the end of the dinner he gets down on his knee and I was like, “Oh my God!” Is this what I think it is? Yes!”

    The engagement will be featured on the Indiana-born entertainer’s show,”Life With LaToya,” which begins its second season Saturday on OWN.

    The show will also follow the 58-year-old member of the Jackson family as she attends therapy sessions for the first time, which, according to her, helped her get back into the dating scene after her abusive marriage to Jack Gordon in 1989.

    “I had really cut men off because of the terrible experience I had with my ex [husband],” La Toya admitted. “I wanted nothing to do with them and there was nothing that you could tell me to change that. Therapy helped me [realize] it’s okay for a man to touch you on the knee. It doesn’t mean that he’s going to invade your privacy or control you or try to make you believe that he owns you because that’s what I was always told during my time with [Jack].”

    She continued: “I get through that which is really incredible because I didn’t realize that I was stifling myself by thinking that way, and I would encourage therapy to anybody who needs help in any form or fashion because it opens your life and it gives you that space back that you didn’t realize you were capable of having. Now that I let that armor down I realized that I was ready to go date and be okay with it.”

    See the first 5 minutes of season 2 here. 

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