Lil Scrappy: ‘I want to be a family man’

    LilScrappyIf it were up to Lil Scrappy, he said he’d settle down and have a more traditional personal life, but Momma Dee isn’t on the same page.

    “Me and my mama, we got a different perception of my life,” Scrappy recently told Atlanta’s 107.9. “She wants me to be this big pimp player. I want to be a family man. I just want to have someone someday.”

    These days that someone is Adiz Bambi who is the only woman the rapper is claiming right now despite Erica Pinkett’s efforts to start something romantic with him or Shay Johnson’s assurances that she’s still in Scrappy’s life.

    “I just stick with the one chick,” he said, noting that it’s pretty hard to keep any additional dating he does out of the public eye. “I can’t really talk to anybody…It’s media-friendly when I do stuff.”

    It’s not just the public that puts Scrappy’s business on blast; his mother doesn’t hold her tongue when it comes to her son’s relationships. It was Momma Dee who told Bambi that Scrappy had multiple eggs in his proverbial basket.

    “My mama’s different…I don’t think God made many like her,” said Scrappy whose mom wasn’t always so critical of the women he brings around. “She used to make ‘em so comfortable. Now, she just makes them uncomfortable to the fact that she makes me uncomfortable.”

    Luckily for Scrappy, he and his mother both have new music on the way that may distract them from his relationship drama.

    Find out about Scrappy and Momma Dee’s upcoming music projects below. Listen.

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