Quad Webb-Lunceford denies pregnancy rumors


    Quad Webb-Lunceford does plan on expanding her family some day, but not right now!

    Quad’s hubby, Dr. Gregory Lunceford, has been dying to have some babies with the fabulous “Married to Medicine” star for some time. Recently, whispers that he may finally become a dad spread through Atlanta.

    While Quad appreciates the prospective congratulations and well wishes, she told TheJasmineBrand.com that they are more than a bit premature.

    “Well of course right now I am without child. I am not pregnant,” Quad said. “I know a lot of people thought that I was, and I know that that is something that [my husband] wants, and of course, I am going to give him everything that he desires.”

    Though she’s a dutiful wife, Gregory will still have to wait just a bit longer before Quad is ready to have children. Right now, she’s focusing on building her brand, a top couture line for dogs.

    “I’m just thinking in terms of time. Right now I’m starting a new puppy couture clothing line, Picture Perfect Pup,” she said. “It’s a lot of pieces to the puzzle that must come together first before I move on to motherhood.”

    She wouldn’t just be having a baby because her husband asked her to do it. Quad really does want to be a mom! She believes that she’s definitely got the maternal instinct needed to raise a baby since she is such a doting pet owner. She’s also shaking off assumptions that she’s too vein to carry a baby.

    “I am not a selfish person; I definitely want to experience motherhood,” Quad said. “I do not care about losing my physique because she is going to bounce right back anyway.”

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