Solange pushing for Beyoncé to leave Jay-Z?


    Does Solange Knowles think it’s time for Beyoncé to send her husband Jay-Z to the left?!

    It was only a matter of time before rumors of family strife resurfaced. Last month, Solange was caught on tape attacking Jay-Z in an elevator after the Met Gala as Beyoncé pretty much stood by motionless.

    A family insider claims that Bey was mortified when their altercation made headlines and she immediately went into crisis-management mode. “Beyoncé is extremely careful about her image, and everything she does is thought out and planned,” the tipster told Life & Style. “She is obsessed with them appearing as the perfect family.”

    Beyoncé, Solange and Jay-Z released a statement shortly after the incident came to light, and they even had a family visit in New Orleans. Jay and Solange also went out to a jewelry store by themselves to presumably have a chat and patch things up. Everything seemed to be back to normal for the Knowles-Carters.

    Now, the source is fueling rumors that it’s all just an act amid claims that Bey and Jay’s marriage is falling apart. What’s more is that Solange is supposedly campaigning for them to split up.

    “Beyoncé knows everything about what’s going on with Jay-Z and other women — and she knows most of it from Solange,” the insider explained to Life & Style magazine. “Solange is pushing Beyonce to get divorced.”

    There has been chatter that Hov was caught flirting with a hostess at 1Oak in New York recently, but gossip about his infidelity has not been confirmed. Still, the source claims it’s just another sign of trouble for Jay and Bey. “It’s been really rocky for them,” says the insider. “There is trouble in paradise. Divorce is inevitable—and Beyoncé’s only option.”

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