Apollo Nida gives Todd Tucker marriage advice


    Apollo Nida is telling Todd Tucker to speak up for himself in his marriage to Kandi Burruss!

    Apollo Nida told S2S earlier this year that one of the biggest mistakes he may have made in his marriage may have been that he didn’t speak up for himself more in the beginning. As long as he was free, he was more than willing to let his wife Phaedra Parks have her way–even if that meant giving in to some ridiculous requests. Coming out prison and almost immediately getting married, he told StraightFromTheA.com that he could identify with Todd’s experience of being involved with a more successful woman.

    Kandi is supposedly worth $35 million, so she makes more money than Todd does. In Apollo’s opinion, though, he believes that they should treat each other like equals. If that means Todd has to set some boundaries with Kandi, Apollo encourages him to do so.

    “It doesn’t matter what Kandi has at the end of the day,” Apollo told STFA. “Make sure you put your foot down…make sure you voice your opinion, because I went into my relationship not really voicing an opinion.”

    He also drew from his own experience when giving Todd advice about a prenup. More specifically, he believes that Todd shouldn’t leave details of their pre-marital agreement totally up to Kandi. Apollo believes that he should still have checked Phaedra’s work before they got hitched, but he didn’t for more than one reason.

    “I believed that my wife had my best interest at hand… 1) being my wife, and 2) being an attorney,” Apollo explained. “So I was really nonchalant and I just fell back. So I told him, ‘don’t make the mistake that I made.’”

    Apollo continued, clarifying. “Not saying that someone was taking advantage of me, but it was a mistake not being proactive and not being hands-on and knowing A through Z.”

    If Todd chooses to remain laid back in his relationship, Apollo warns him that he should be ready for anything. He said, “You have to know, if you’ve done what I’ve done by not speaking up, you’re going to be blindsided.”

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