Naturi Naughton takes on powerful role in ‘Power’

    Naturi_NaughtonStarz’s new show “Power,” gives viewers everything they’ve been missing since HBO’s “The Wire” ended.

    The show centers around night-club-owner-by-day, drug-kingpin-by-night James “Ghost” St. Patrick [Omari Hardwick], who struggles internally with the notion of fast cash versus going legit. In what might be her most complex role yet, Naturi Naughton plays Ghost’s wife, Tasha St. Patrick, a role she said she wanted in on from day one.

    “I read the script, and I was just amazed at how complex and interesting and edgy these characters were. I loved that it was in New York City, which I think has its own vibe, and really becomes, like another character in the show,” she said. “I loved how they incorporated music to help tell the story.”

    The former 3LW star admitted she sometimes still gets the itch to make music. In “Power,” Naturi gets a chance to revisit her music roots through her character, who will perform toward the end of season 1.

    “[The creators] incorporated my background as a singer into the show, and my character Tasha is actually going to get a chance to sing in one of the later episodes,” she said. “They did such a great job of incorporating different aspects of music to help propel the story.”

    “Power” airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. EST on Starz. Watch Naturi talk more about it below.

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