Peter Thomas accepts role model responsibility

    TwitPics_PeterThomas_41714While some may argue that the men of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” caused a good amount of drama on the show’s most recent season, Peter Thomas said he and his co-stars do not condone the shenanigans seen on some other reality TV shows.

    “We are not ‘Love  & Hip Hop.’ Okay? We are not on that b_ll$–t,” Peter told Uptown magazine. “I take my responsibility much more seriously and it’s not to project that foolishness that they have going on.”

    Some reality TV stars shy away from the responsibilities that come with being in the public eye, but Peter doesn’t mind being a role model for viewers.

    “I feel like our responsibility as Black men on this show is to project a more positive image for young Black men,” said Peter. “We aren’t perfect, but for the most part, we certainly are not being as foolish as some of the other Black men on reality TV.”

    The “RHOA” husbands haven’t cheated on their spouses on camera or been caught living double lives like their “LHH” counterparts, but they’ve definitely been more vocal and involved in season 6, and that led to more drama for the entire cast.

    “They can’t be wives and their reality wouldn’t be real without their husbands,” reasoned Peter who’s been called the seventh housewife. “What sense does it make for me to be on the show and simply be quiet?”

    For Peter, speaking up and out has paid off. The “RHOA” were featured in a highly rated episode of “Watch What Happens Live” and a recent Bravo special following the three-part “RHOA” reunion.

    “It makes no sense for any of the men to just sit back and not open our mouths,” said Peter who believes he and his co-stars have a unique opportunity to offer the Black, male perspective.

    “If people want to call me a b!tc# for creating this opportunity and giving America the chance to see four Black men talking about our marriages, how to make them work and supporting each other through our own shit, then they really don’t get the big picture,” he said.

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