Wendy Williams tells Jay-Z to ‘straighten up’

    Wendy Williams believe that Jay-Z better tighten up his act if he wants to save his marriage to Beyoncé (and possibly his career)!

    It brings Wendy absolutely no pleasure to report on the rumored breakdown of Jay and Bey’s relationship, but as a TV gossip, she told her audience that she’s got to mix it up whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    “I’m sorry that this has happened, but people do want to know what’s going on with Jay-Z and Beyoncé,” Wendy said. “They have been so controlling of their image as a couple, and now we’re getting to find out a little bit more.”

    Supposedly, Jay has been getting pretty friendly with Casey Cohen of “Long Island Princess.” However, Wendy speculated that he’s not the only one in the marriage getting flirty. She mused that Beyoncé’s relationship with her bodyguard might not be completely professional, and it’s ticking Hov off.

    “I was reading that Jay-Z is reportedly very jealous of Julius and wants him fired. Julius should have been fired the day that he let that all go down in the elevator,” Wendy dished. “My thing is, how are you going to get a bodyguard that looks better than your husband?”

    Wendy hasn’t dismissed the idea that neither the “99 Problems” rapper nor the “Partition” siren might be messing around with other people. However, she doesn’t deny that they have chemistry.

    “I think this is probably a messy marriage between the two of them…I’m sure that they really love each other,” Wendy said, adding that she thinks Jay might be guarding his relationship very closely despite rumors of infidelity. “There’s no denying their thing. But I’ll tell you want: I don’t believe that he would ever do anything that would make her want to divorce him anymore.”

    Wendy’s not convinced that his career will be okay if they split up. She even took a poll to ask her audience if they believe that Jay’s career will still be as hot if he loses Bey. The response was an overwhelming no. “You better straighten up, Jay-Z,” she warned Hov. “If you let Beyoncé slip through your hands, everybody will hate you.”

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