Lil Mo talks ‘Catfish’


    Lil Mo is speakin out about her relationship with “Catfish” con man, Kidd Cole!

    Yet another “R&B Divas: LA” star has been dragged into the drama on MTV’s “Catfish.” Kidd Cole, a rapper/producer reportedly affiliated with Kanye West’s GOOD Music, was recently outted on the show for scamming business and supporters out of thousands!

    “Catfish” host Nev Schulman got so angry with the artist that he actually threw the offender’s smartphone into the water. Kidd Cole later explained that he hoodwinked people to get luxury services and goods simply to show off to his detractors.

    After that episode aired a few weeks ago, Lil Mo hit up Instagram to announce that he’s actually her estranged step-son. Kidd Cole, whom she said has led a very hard life, has the same father as her daughters. She told that she’s even helped her ex-husband pay child support for him in the past!

    Mo doesn’t recall having a particularly close relationship with Kidd Cole because his father, Gus Stone, didn’t either.

    “Kidd Cole never lived with us. He lived 7 minutes away from us in Anne Arundel County in Maryland,” she explained. “I saw him riding a bike in a neighborhood where my parents and I owned a home. I told my ex to stop the car I saw a boy that looked like Jerez [Coleman]. He pulled up to the car startled and said, ‘Hi, daddy.'”

    She continued, “My heart dropped. As we had NO contact. Just child support payments, that I made out of my personal account. I never saw him again after that until I found him on [Instagram].”

    That said, she was stunned to see him pop up on “Catfish” for swindling a devoted fan. “I was very surprised. I had heard he was producing and working with Jaden Smith,” Lil Mo recalled. “When I asked his father was it true, he replied that he was crazy. I said that he got it honest.”

    Lil Mo isn’t the first “R&B Diva” to be tied to a “Catfish” episode. Earlier this season, Kelly Price’s name came up when a catfishing victim was accused of calling his tormentor a “fat hungry Kelly Price.”

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