Meagan Good talks tips from ‘The Wait’


    Meagan Good is opening up about how she was able to remain abstinent until marriage in her new book The Wait.

    The Think Like A Man Too star revealed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that she and her husband DeVon Franklin are working on a new project to help couples keep it clean before their wedding.

    “We’re writing a book; it’s called The Wait,” she said, explaining that she hadn’t always been celibate. She decided to give it a shot after seeing how sex can really complicate matters.

    “I’d been in a couple relationships and I was like, ‘You know, this isn’t really working for me.’ I wanted to do something different,” she explained, adding that her faith played a big part in the decision. “Spiritually, I believe it’s what I should have done, and so, I was like, ‘You know, I’m going to try it this way.'”

    Clearly, doing it God’s way worked really well for Meagan! She and DeVon wed not too long after they got together. Since the people in their lives knew they were saving sex for marriage, a bunch of their wedding guests were talking about it in their speeches. Still, Meagan would not change her decision even if she had a chance.

    “It was very different and it’s been amazing,” Meagan said. While she may have waited a year before she was finally able to hop in bed with DeVon, he waited much longer for her! “He had been celibate for almost 11 years because he’s a minister. He didn’t want to get up on the pulpit and do his thing and not be doing what he was saying.”

    Jimmy joked that a how-to book about abstinence would be fairly simple to write, but Meagan had to school him!

    “You’d be surprised. Obviously, we all know that it’s tough, but there were tricks that we learned that actually helped,” she said. Before she could elaborate what else would be in the book, Jimmy insisted that she share a tip to aid in being abstinent. “One of them was parting ways, when its time to part ways. If you feel like it’s getting too hot and heavy, you just have to go [away].”

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