Jay-Z’s alleged mistress lawyers up


    One former Bravo reality star is ready to sue over claims that she’s Jay-Z’s jumpoff!

    Earlier this month, rumors began circulating that Jay was having a fling with 1Oak VIP hostess Casey Cohen, who was featured on “Princesses: Long Island.” Supposedly, they’d sneak off for a little alone time whenever he visited her at work. The allegations showed up in several gossip magazines, including In Touch.

    Now, Casey is denying claims that she ever got hot-and-heavy with Hov! TMZ.com reports that she’s hired a lawyer; she’s drafted a cease and desist letter to publishers Bauer Media Group, demanding that its magazines stop spreading lies about her.

    Although she admits that she’s met both Jay and his wife Beyoncé through her job, she writes in the letter that she’s “never been in love or intimate” with him. Furthermore she’s trashing the magazine reports as nothing but “a foul and phony mistress-rumor.”

    Casey’s also seeking a formal public apology from Bauer, and she’s insisting that the offending articles be scrubbed from the magazines’ websites.

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